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Submitted on
August 22, 2012


2 (who?)
the Beauty of Cosplay Theme

7/14/2012 through *TBA (To be Announced) 2013* <--- Contest will end on that date


*Objective: The photo must be in High Quality work and a really good suitable background that suits the Beauty of Cosplay theme. (This can be Singles, Couples, OR Groups as long it is in the SAME Series!) with a suitable background that suits it,
for example a group of Code Geass in a "Catholic Temple as Their theme/background" <--- that is a suitable background.

*You must have this information in your photo with you in it and or Groups:
*Cosplay Source:
*& Photographer (if you know who it is, if not than you don't have to add this)
(But if you are a Photographer, you must put your info):

Cosplayers: & Kim Yu Han
Characters: Rukia Kuchiki & Ichigo Kurosaki
Cosplay Source: Bleach (from Anime & Manga)
Photographer: Trinh Huynh

*Another thing that is REQUIRED*

*You Must have a suitable Background that suits the Beauty of Cosplay theme (Examples are the beach, in bed, flowers, park, anything that is suitable)

*You Must have a Pose (Examples can be a Fighting, Sexual, uhm whatever you want, etc)

*The Photo MUST be from a Manga, Anime, Game, Music, Comics, Western, Original Characters & Books ONLY~ *SORRY NO FAN-MADE CHARACTERS!*

*You Must have a mood/ attitude. to it (Examples are the mood/attitude can be lustful, sexual, kind, spicy, hot, seductive, angry, deadly, whatever... etc)

*What is not accepted in the contest?

*No Head shots and face shots
*No poor quality work
*No blurry and really dark photos that we can not see your face, costume, body, etc
*Do not submit a photo that has random people in the background

*What is accepted in the contest?

* Must have ALL Characters in the Same Series! like Mortal Kombat or Naruto etc
* ALSO Yaoi & Yuri are accepted too! ^w^ heehee
* Must have a suitable Background for your photo as part of the Theme
* Photos need to be your own work, which means you have to be the model in the photo or the photographer that took the photo. The photo must have good quality.
You need to show Full body costume OR from the Waist up/half body
* Also this must be from an Manga, Anime, Game, Music, Comics, Western, Original Characters & Books ONLY~ *SORRY NO FAN-MADE CHARACTERS!*
The Prize:

1st place winner will win 700 points and their photo will be Featured in the Featured Folder
2nd place winner will win 600 points and their photo will be Featured in the Featured Folder
3rd place winner will win 500 points and their photo will be featured in the Featured Folder

If you have any Questions, Concerns, Situations, or others please talk to us!
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Ah, well I guess my my main concern is if we can submit photos that we have not submitted to the gallery, and do the contest submissions count towards our 3 per week limit?
Yes, it counts towards the limit. Also, the limit is 6 photos per week, not 3~ As for your other question, if you know what page the photo is on, just send me the link and I can move it for you. If not, remove it from the group and resubmit.
Also, if it something already in the gallery, do have to resubmit it or can we move it from one folder to another?
So if I have any questions or concerns do I contact you directly or by commenting?
Kuchiitachi7 Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
just comment here or send notes to one of us
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